An Open Letter to the Secular Community and it’s “Leaders”

(For context, read this, then read the responses here, here, here, here, here, and here. And here‘s another great response that you need to read.)

It is an amazing time to be part of the secular movement. Look at what’s happened in 2012 alone.  We held the Reason Rally, the largest event our community has ever had, which brought over 20,000 atheists, humanists, and other secular people together on the National Mall. We are growing, attracting new people, and drawing more attention than ever before.  A big part of that growth is thanks to our large and dynamic online community.  Online secular communities have helped people encounter new ideas, deepen and broaden their thinking, and even change their minds.

So could y’all stop being sexist, please?


And to the leaders who signed that stupid fucking letter… can I have your phone numbers so I can call you and tell you what I think of you signing that stupid, dismissive shit?



One random, unimportant asshole in the secular community

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I'm an SJW, Socialist, Jewish Agnostic Atheist, Foodie, and Guitarist. Hi!
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4 Responses to An Open Letter to the Secular Community and it’s “Leaders”

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  2. Ouroborosaurus says:

    Honestly, this has me a bit worried about your sincerity regarding ethical treatment of others. You come off like a smug hypocrite.

    “I love making fun of stupid people.”

    According to wikipedia, stupid is ‘a pejorative appellation for human misdeeds, whether purposeful or accidental, due to absence of mental capacity.

    You use the phrase many times in this post and in your bio. Frankly, it’s way beyond the realm of a ‘gaffe’, humor, hyperbole, or ironic usage. You actually claim to *enjoy* making fun of stupid people. Did you also enjoy picking on idiots, dumb people, mentally disabled people when you were in school?

    You are not referring to regrettable actions (e.g.: ‘deleting that file was stupid.’)
    You are not expressing frustration with an object (e.g.: ‘stupid frickin’ door won’t open!’)
    You are not referring to a less tangible concept, (e.g.: ‘there are no stupid questions’.)
    You are clearly talking about *people* who have reduced mental capacity (e.g. ‘I love making fun of stupid people.’)

    Even referring to a person as stupid could be more palatable. (e.g. ‘everybody knows that the world is full of stupid people’… ‘I was being stupid’ etc.) However, your stated intentions are repugnant, and not merely descriptive of a person’s behavior. Simply making fun of a ‘stupid person’ is derogatory and discriminatory.

    So could y’all stop being ableist, please?

  3. HaifischGeweint says:

    This is lovely. I concocted a much longer, significantly more profane response myself, late last night:

    It’s called “An Open Reply, From a Satanist, to CFI’s Open Letter to the Secular Community” and is deliberately riddled with profanity, to prove the point that it doesn’t change the content of what I have to say — because it’s the content that matters, not the imaginary narrator’s tone of voice in someone else’s head.

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