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Pro-Choice vs Pro-Life

The woman has the right to choose 100% of the time. Always. And that’s it. There is nothing to argue. Women’s rights are never.. and I mean NEVER… up for debate. Get over it.

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Jesus and Mo – Fraud

  Ha! Perfectly hilarious!

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Timeline of the University College London (UCL) Debate Debacle

I’m setting up this timeline as a reference of sorts for anyone who needs the information collected in one spot. Ophelia Benson started it off, so a huge, huge thanks goes to her. In fact, most of these links will … Continue reading

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Talk About Self-Refuting!

Does anyone read the Toronto Star? I don’t, because I live in Florida, USA. But I do get Google alerts on atheism, and this incredibly inane letter submitted to the Toronto Start turned up in my inbox: Reader Rudy Grant … Continue reading

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Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God

I’m not going to go into a huge spiel about this documentary. You need to see it for yourself. I don’t care how; find it on HBO, buy the DVD (if there is one), look for it on Netflix, torrent … Continue reading

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Conversation with Joseph Zhang

Note: This post, and the comment thread, is ONLY for Joseph Zhang and myself. I’ve opened a general comment thread where others can post to discuss this if they so choose. If you are not Joseph Zhang, and you comment … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Feminist Ire:
“If you drive it underground so no one can find it, it wouldn’t survive.” – Rhoda Grant, 2012 In many ways, Dana fits the profile. She’s a twentysomething woman with a drug addiction. She was…

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