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Ohai New Readers!

I see I got a couple new subscribers and even a new comment! Just as a reminder, I now blog for Freethought Blogs at, of course, Atheism, Music, and More. That’s why I haven’t updated here, to be honest. Besides… … Continue reading

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Atheism’s Misogyny Problem

Holy. This has left me numb. I can’t even muster up any anger at this point. I’m just… numb. This has to go back to at least Elevatorgate, but probably earlier. What is coming out, now, however, is that major … Continue reading

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On Free Speech…

We need to have a sit-down about this whole “free speech” thing. Not because free speech is a fundamentally bad idea… it’s really not. In fact, free speech is not only a great idea, but extremely important in the advancement … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to the Secular Community and it’s “Leaders”

(For context, read this, then read the responses here, here, here, here, here, and here. And here‘s another great response that you need to read.) It is an amazing time to be part of the secular movement. Look at what’s … Continue reading

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Timeline of the University College London (UCL) Debate Debacle

I’m setting up this timeline as a reference of sorts for anyone who needs the information collected in one spot. Ophelia Benson started it off, so a huge, huge thanks goes to her. In fact, most of these links will … Continue reading

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Conversation with Joseph Zhang

Note: This post, and the comment thread, is ONLY for Joseph Zhang and myself. I’ve opened a general comment thread where others can post to discuss this if they so choose. If you are not Joseph Zhang, and you comment … Continue reading

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The Terrifying Pharyngula Commentariat

I don know if you’ve heard, but, apparently, Ed Brayton, the founder of Freethought Blogs, has started a cult. It includes a comment about the Pharyngula Commentariat, made by Ed himself: I tend to bristle at the idea of judging … Continue reading

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Anatomy of a Bully

Have any of y’all ever heard of Wooly Bumblebee? I hadn’t, until I read this post from her called “The Anatomy of a Bully”. I actually agree with her definition. I agree with how she spells it out and everything. … Continue reading

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What Kind of Person Does This?

In case you hadn’t heard: The Freethoughtblogs network was recently informed that former Freethoughtblogs blogger thunderf00t has been forwarding private emails from the private FTB email list. He has not only been forwarding emails sent during the short time he … Continue reading

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