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Formaldehyde Found in Electronic Cigarettes? E-Cigs, Science, Regulation, and Me (Updated)

Time for yet another confession. I’m a nicotine addict. Unfortunately I’m not kidding. It first started when I was 15, but I did give it up (for a time), when I discovered that my mom was allergic. However, I was … Continue reading

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Pro-Choice vs Pro-Life

The woman has the right to choose 100% of the time. Always. And that’s it. There is nothing to argue. Women’s rights are never.. and I mean NEVER… up for debate. Get over it.

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When is Sleep Paralysis not Sleep Paralysis?

I wake up. Everything seems normal, though something doesn’t quite feel right. I’m in my dorm, in my overly-messy room. My roommate is in the main room watching TV. My phone, which is currently on an app called Rest M.P., … Continue reading

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Again… I’m going to be a fascist, censoring dictator on this post. Be damn well careful how you comment. I don’t even want debate on it. Is that that clear? No? Then I’ll just ban you. Also, trigger warning for … Continue reading

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Nature is Not a Cultural Construct

As many of you know, I’m studying Anthropology in school. I’m moving more and more towards the Evolutionary Biology/Primatology angle because I’m looking for a potential evolutionary explanation for fanaticism. Part of taking Anthropology at Florida Atlantic University entails taking … Continue reading

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Actually, I’m Very Happy, Thanks

So I’ve been participating in the comments of a blog post by BJ called “An Open Letter To Those Who Doubt or Deny God“. Recently, a Christian named Marc responded to one of my posts. So I responded. Then he responded … Continue reading

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Response to “Investigating Atheism”

Over on News24, BornAgain_Believer posted a series of questions called “Investigating Atheism“. I want to start out by noting, however, that these questions are loaded and have a lot of assumptions that are simply incorrect, at least for me. My … Continue reading

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SUPERMAN IS JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay. I’ve been keeping myself to a policy of not reading any reviews or anything about “Man of Steel” until I see it. But then this came up in my feed and I *had* to read it: Superman: Flying to … Continue reading

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Skepticism and “Don’t be a Dick”

So earlier this morning, Hayley is a Ghost put up this post called “How it is”. Honestly? It’s a good post. I understand her point of view and get where she’s coming from. It’s just that I’m not 100% sure … Continue reading

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New SI Unit for Measuring Pseudoscientific Bullshit – The Chopra

It was started at Avicenna’s blog A Million Gods. He opened that post with this: Am I the only one who wishes the SI unit for “bullshitting about science” to be measured in Deepak Chopras? And no, he’s not. I … Continue reading

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