YAY PRESENTS! #DoctorWho #CitizenRadio #CardsAgainstHumanity

Thought I’d share my gifts haul so far…

For the record, I only personally bought one of these (the sonic screwdriver). The rest were gifts from friends…

1. This one is made by the talented Camille, Citizen Radio‘s Maniac Wrangler. You can buy your own (or other awesome Camille creations) here:


2. This next one is my first Doctor Who t-shirt. I got it from Think Geek:


3. This is a Trans-Temporal Sonic Screwdriver, compatible with the make-your-own sonic screwdriver kit which I purchased myself (with discounts) but haven’t received, yet. I also purchased this myself, again with discounts:

4. And finally, I got the whole set! Thank you friend!


I’ll be updating this post as more comes in. If you’re wondering why I actually know I’m getting more stuff, and what it is, it’s because my friends are really nice about the fact that I hate surprises, so tell me what they’re getting me and even give me tracking numbers so I can track the stuff.

About Nathan Hevenstone

I'm an SJW, Socialist, Jewish Agnostic Atheist, Foodie, and Guitarist. Hi! https://allmylinks.com/jimmyrrpage
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6 Responses to YAY PRESENTS! #DoctorWho #CitizenRadio #CardsAgainstHumanity

  1. ZenGwen says:

    Ummm…. seriously with the “i only fuck feminists” t-shirt? Sorry to rain on your parade, but… I know, let’s support equal rights for women by making it clear which of them we are willing to fuck! And the feminists will totally be flattered! Good lord. I would be having serious words with anyone I saw wearing that. That’s almost as bad as the “Of course you’re a feminist, you’re hideous” t-shirts.

    • ZenGwen says:

      But it’s totally supporting feminism because it’s saying that feminists are the ONLY women worth fucking! All feminists really care about is that you approve of us with your cock, obviously. Support the cause by fetishizing it, whooooooo!

      The more I think about it the more wrong it is, on so many levels. Arrrrggghh

      • That shirt was made by someone who consider herself a very strong feminist. Specifically, Camille DeMere, the Maniac Wrangler, so-called because she’s basically the person who does all the marketing and such for Citizen Radio, hosted by Jamie Kilstein and Allison Kilkenny.

        Camille has her own Skreened store here:

        And actually wrote a Tumblr post about it:

      • ZenGwen says:

        I read the creator’s tumblr post, but it really seems to be assuming that the problem is only with cis men wearing it… and that it’s totally okay because she’s a feminist and she made it to be funny. She doesn’t address any of the REASONS it’s not okay. She doesn’t address the fact that, uh, it’s a shirt supposedly supporting equal rights (and hopefully thereby opposing objectification) by defining people based on whether or not the wearer would fuck them.

        Does saying “I’m a feminist and I made this shirt and I don’t have a problem with it, so stop having a problem with it” really sound like a valid argument to you?

        It would not be okay no matter who was wearing it. If I saw a woman wearing that, I would also be having serious words with them. Some of the reasons would be different, yes.

        If the defence here is really just “It’s funny, geez, why can’t you take a joke?”… well. And me without my anti-feminist rhetoric bingo card to hand.

      • Hm… I hadn’t thought of that, and you do have a point…

  2. Heidi Gagne says:

    Those are some awesome gifts! I need friends that understand my need to geek!

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