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Theistsplaining (Shut Up and Listen)

I’ve been linked to this perfect link-dump written up by Xenologer which gives the full amount of background information: “Women in Secularism 2: Breaking News: Even at WiS, we have to defend the purpose of WiS!” Go there for any background … Continue reading

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Religion, Faitheists, and Racism… Three of My Least-Favorite Things

Not sure if you’ve been following the next little dust-up over at Ophelia Benson’s blog, but… She posted a guest post by Bruce Gorton going on about why he hates Faitheists. A faitheist is essentially an atheist who argues for … Continue reading

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A world under atheist siege? Um… no.

Anyone ever heard of Gulf Daily News? I haven’t, so I really don’t know much about it. So if the crap I’m about to respond to is standard fair, well… warn me, so I know for the future. Anyways… Check … Continue reading

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My Thoughts on Religion

I am not the world’s biggest fan of the Huffington Post. It’s not because they are a “liberal news blog”. If that’s all they were, then I’d be a much bigger fan. The problem with the Huffington Post is that … Continue reading

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