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Vanity Tips From a Self-Proclaimed Feminist

Hey dudes! Are you an ally of feminists? Do you try, on a daily basis, to be one of the good guys, to bite your tongue whenever you feel a gendered slur about to make it’s way out of your … Continue reading

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Theistsplaining (Shut Up and Listen)

I’ve been linked to this perfect link-dump written up by Xenologer which gives the full amount of background information: “Women in Secularism 2: Breaking News: Even at WiS, we have to defend the purpose of WiS!” Go there for any background … Continue reading

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On Feminism

One of my earliest posts on this blog was asking whether or not I was a misogynist. Looking back on it now, that was kind of a stupid post, mainly because of one of the variations on that old axiom: … Continue reading

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