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Actually, I’m Very Happy, Thanks

So I’ve been participating in the comments of a blog post by BJ called “An Open Letter To Those Who Doubt or Deny God“. Recently, a Christian named Marc responded to one of my posts. So I responded. Then he responded … Continue reading

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Death’s Sweet Siren Song

Trigger Warning: Suicide, Bullying, Depression So today is World Suicide Prevention Day. Sadly, I didn’t actually know such a day existed, I think because, despite being caught in an attempt three times, no one ever thought of me as “suicidal”. … Continue reading

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Knowledge vs. Belief: Agnostic Atheism

“See, I don’t believe you’re an atheist. I think you’re an agnostic.” “You don’t sound like an atheist at all! Why do you call yourself that when you’re obviously an agnostic?” “You’re definitely agnostic… not an atheist at all.” “See, … Continue reading

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The Most Astounding Fact

“But if you’re an atheist, where is your motivation to live? Why do you even bother getting up in the morning?” I’m asked this question quite often. That video. That fact. That is why I get up in the morning.

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