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Again… I’m going to be a fascist, censoring dictator on this post. Be damn well careful how you comment. I don’t even want debate on it. Is that that clear? No? Then I’ll just ban you. Also, trigger warning for … Continue reading

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(BILLIONS OF TRIGGER WARNINGS! RAPE CULTURE!) If You Came Home and Saw Her in Your Bed, What Would You Do?

MULTIPLE MAJOR TRIGGER WARNINGS!!!!! RAPE JOKES! Also… cussing. A lot of very angry cussing. I’m going to put a lot of cussing in this post, because this angers me beyond belief and terrifies me. So be warned. I’m going to … Continue reading

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But I’m a Good Christian™!

So Dana Hunter wrote this awesome post about “Christian Love” that I really liked. I think the most important part is this: It doesn’t matter how friendly you are. It doesn’t matter how much fluffier your Christianity is compared to … Continue reading

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