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Response to “Investigating Atheism”

Over on News24, BornAgain_Believer posted a series of questions called “Investigating Atheism“. I want to start out by noting, however, that these questions are loaded and have a lot of assumptions that are simply incorrect, at least for me. My … Continue reading

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An Open Plea to the Atheist Community

No, it’s not about what you think. I just finished reading the following post by Ophelia Benson about The Apostasy Project. She quotes a short letter they received that quite literally made me cry: “I am an ex Muslim living … Continue reading

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Why (and How) I’m an Atheist

So a little while back, I wrote a blog post about agnostic atheism and what it is. I also included two things I felt were pretty big roadblocks to the entire God Hypothesis in general, to explain why I identify … Continue reading

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Knowledge vs. Belief: Agnostic Atheism

“See, I don’t believe you’re an atheist. I think you’re an agnostic.” “You don’t sound like an atheist at all! Why do you call yourself that when you’re obviously an agnostic?” “You’re definitely agnostic… not an atheist at all.” “See, … Continue reading

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