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White Supremacy and Violence

So back in early May, while the Baltimore protests were going on, Rabbi Benjamin Blech wrote an article about violence in the riots. I’m linking you to Aish.com, but I first saw it in the May 8th – 14th edition of the … Continue reading

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I have a Request… #BlackLivesMatter

If you are on Facebook and Twitter, there is a perfect profile picture that says “Black Lives Matter”. I am asking that people change their profile pictures on Facebook and Twitter to this picture. Stand up against the declared war … Continue reading

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@RichardDawkins… We Are Not Allies

This was first posted here on December 18, 2013. I’m reposting it, with a few small additions. I was 21 when I first realized I was an atheist, and the same age when I told my mom and brother. I … Continue reading

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@karenstollznow: “I’m Sick of Talking About Sexual Harassment”

Remember this post, originally at Scientific American? Apparently, CFI (the organization that was NOT named by Karen, but by others), contacted Scientific American, and SA took it down. This is what CFI has to say about it: CFI did not … Continue reading

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When Cynicism is Wrong… #standwithwendy

If you know me, or read this blog, you know that I’m a cynic and misanthrope. You know that my views on the future are bleak. You perhaps might also know that many times I have felt that the US … Continue reading

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Dear CFI…

What were you thinking? Yes, there were people calling for Ronald Lindsay to be terminated. Others called for a sincere and heartfelt apology from Ron himself, showing he recognized his mistake and is willing to learn from it. I’m with … Continue reading

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“It’s a Guy Thing” – Lead Guitar

So… as a few of you might know, I’m a guitar player. My first style is Blues, but I’ve been getting very heavy into Progressive, Psychedelic, and Experimental guitar. I love alternative styles of playing, where the guitar is played … Continue reading

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“It’s a Guy Thing” – Magic

So I’m going to start doing these kinds of posts every once in a while. The purpose is to question, and perhaps examine, why things are considered “guy things”, and if it will ever change (and yes, for the record, … Continue reading

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Reaching Out to Marginalized Atheists

Over on Freethought Blogs, at Butterflies and Wheels, Ophelia Benson posted the following story about an atheist named Jerry DeWitt, of DeRidder, Louisiana. He is not very popular in his home town. DeWitt is something of a reality check for … Continue reading

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