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I Hate Politics

Yeah, I know. For the people who know me, this is utterly impossible to believe. I mean, have you seen my Facebook feed? I’m clearly an outspoken, political person. I have so much to say about politics all the time. … Continue reading

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We Are Not Allies

I was 21 when I first realized I was an atheist, and the same age when I told my mom and brother. I told my dad only a few months later, but after I turned 22. During this period, it … Continue reading

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Anti-Semitism – FAU, Hillel, and SJP

So… if you don’t live in Florida, then you probably don’t know that this week, the Students for Justice in Palestine have been doing protests on behalf of Palestine here at Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton campus, including an Apartheid … Continue reading

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Portrait of a Left-Winger – Part 1 – The Constitution

What I mean by “left-wing” should become quite clear over the course of this series, so I’m not going to start by defining terms or anything like that. Instead, I want to sort of jump right in to the thick … Continue reading

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Portrait of a Left-Winger

Sometimes I wonder if people understand what “left-wing” really means. I know that Tea Partiers and Objectivists/Randians certainly don’t get it, because they actually think that the Democrats are left-wing. Which, by the way, is insulting. As someone who is … Continue reading

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