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My Led Zeppelin Holy Grails

As a collector of unofficial Led Zeppelin material, there are so many things I wish to have but don’t. A few rare things are simply because I haven’t been able to find them. Some more are because they’re being horded. … Continue reading

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Tellin’ mother nature ‘bout you and me…

So I wanted to introduce everyone to my all-time favorite song. I don’t even know why it’s my all-time favorite song. What I do know is this: a) It’s written by my all-time favorite band, Led Zeppelin. b) It’s about … Continue reading

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The (In)Complete Roots of Led Zeppelin

Before I post this one, I need to put a disclaimer: I will NOT tolerate any comments that bash LZ for being an “unoriginal cover band”. For one thing, if you do the math on how many of the songs … Continue reading

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Led Zeppelin – Reshuffled

I decided to do a few posts about music… specifically, Led Zeppelin. Why? Because they are the greatest. Full stop. No arguments allowed. 😛 So anyways, two of these posts (this one and the next one) will be highlighting my … Continue reading

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THIS is a “Frivolous Lawsuit”

In the world of the free market, “frivolous lawsuits” are the bogeyman. Of course, most of those lawsuits characterized as “frivolous” aren’t actually so… they’re just being called frivolous by the defendants in order to get out of them… That … Continue reading

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Music Reviews – I SAW LED ZEPPELIN LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Apologies, but for me, as a fan of music and as someone who is perhaps clinically obsessed with the music of Led Zeppelin this is pretty close to the greatest news I’ve had in a long time .

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