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Atheism’s Misogyny Problem

Holy. This has left me numb. I can’t even muster up any anger at this point. I’m just… numb. This has to go back to at least Elevatorgate, but probably earlier. What is coming out, now, however, is that major … Continue reading

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An Atheist Commercial

So yes, I think an official commercial would be incredible. However, the commercial needs to serve a very specific purpose. It should not be about proselytizing atheism or otherwise trying to get theists to become atheists. That, obviously, is a … Continue reading

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Theoretical Physics, Spacetime, String Theory, Multiple Universe, and All That…

This is a schooling thread… that is, I’d like anyone who gets it to school me in it. I’ve always like the idea of multiple universes. My absolute favorite one is the idea of membranes. Giant branes that billow in … Continue reading

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