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I'm an SJW, Socialist, Jewish Agnostic Atheist, Foodie, and Guitarist. Hi!

Tellin’ mother nature ‘bout you and me…

So I wanted to introduce everyone to my all-time favorite song. I don’t even know why it’s my all-time favorite song. What I do know is this: a) It’s written by my all-time favorite band, Led Zeppelin. b) It’s about … Continue reading

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Jewish Antitheist

So a little while back, I finished watching this incredible discussion between Miri Mogilevsky and Chana Messinger about being Jewish Atheists. I am so angry with myself for missing this discussion when it was live. It’s a brilliant discussion and … Continue reading

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I Hate Politics

Yeah, I know. For the people who know me, this is utterly impossible to believe. I mean, have you seen my Facebook feed? I’m clearly an outspoken, political person. I have so much to say about politics all the time. … Continue reading

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2013 in Review

So this is how 2013 was for my blog. A little bigger, a little more readers… not sure if I’d say “a little better”, because that would have a number of assumptions that are a mixed bag, such as “I’m … Continue reading

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You’re Selfish!

So I’ve been thinking about this a lot and I wanted to put it to all of you, awesome readers, to discuss. Is “selfish” really an objective measure, or is it, as I believe, “in the eye of the beholder”? … Continue reading

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We Are Not Allies

I was 21 when I first realized I was an atheist, and the same age when I told my mom and brother. I told my dad only a few months later, but after I turned 22. During this period, it … Continue reading

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When is Sleep Paralysis not Sleep Paralysis?

I wake up. Everything seems normal, though something doesn’t quite feel right. I’m in my dorm, in my overly-messy room. My roommate is in the main room watching TV. My phone, which is currently on an app called Rest M.P., … Continue reading

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YAY PRESENTS! #DoctorWho #CitizenRadio #CardsAgainstHumanity

Thought I’d share my gifts haul so far… For the record, I only personally bought one of these (the sonic screwdriver). The rest were gifts from friends…

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I remember back when Batfans were getting amped up for The Dark Knight Rises. It was an exciting time. So many rumors and theories and tantalizing glimpses and… The argument over spoilers gets very heated in pretty much every fandom … Continue reading

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