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2013 in Review

So this is how 2013 was for my blog. A little bigger, a little more readers… not sure if I’d say “a little better”, because that would have a number of assumptions that are a mixed bag, such as “I’m … Continue reading

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You’re Selfish!

So I’ve been thinking about this a lot and I wanted to put it to all of you, awesome readers, to discuss. Is “selfish” really an objective measure, or is it, as I believe, “in the eye of the beholder”? … Continue reading

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We Are Not Allies

I was 21 when I first realized I was an atheist, and the same age when I told my mom and brother. I told my dad only a few months later, but after I turned 22. During this period, it … Continue reading

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When is Sleep Paralysis not Sleep Paralysis?

I wake up. Everything seems normal, though something doesn’t quite feel right. I’m in my dorm, in my overly-messy room. My roommate is in the main room watching TV. My phone, which is currently on an app called Rest M.P., … Continue reading

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YAY PRESENTS! #DoctorWho #CitizenRadio #CardsAgainstHumanity

Thought I’d share my gifts haul so far… For the record, I only personally bought one of these (the sonic screwdriver). The rest were gifts from friends…

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