Hey! You Know How I’m Begging for $3500?

So I have a GoFundMe account now, so you can… you know… go fund me… 😀

But seriously though… please. This is extremely worrying for me because I face being kicked out of my dorm, and as I have no family in Florida…

I really really really need help. Please help.

Oh… and I totally get if you can’t help because of your own money issues, which is fine, because I obviously know how that is. So share it… tweet it, post it on Facebook, email your rich friends… you know… spread the word.

About Nathan Hevenstone

I'm an SJW, Socialist, Jewish Agnostic Atheist, Foodie, and Guitarist. Hi! https://allmylinks.com/jimmyrrpage
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9 Responses to Hey! You Know How I’m Begging for $3500?

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  2. Steersman says:

    You closed your “Nature is not a construct” post? Because I can’t post a comment there.

  3. Steersman says:

    Testing, more testing, and yet more testing ….

    • Are you wondering why you’re in moderation? Certain things I don’t want discussed on my blog. You tend to like to discuss those things. However, you’ve actually been pretty good here mostly respecting my desire to keep this blog a safe space (with a few exceptions, of course), so I’m going to let you out of moderation… for now…

      • Steersman says:

        “They” say that the power of the press belongs to those who own one. And with WordPress that option is open to every one – so to speak. However, there is a difference between, say, The New York Times, and “yellow journal” tabloids like National Inquirer and some of the egregious British ones. You might want to consider which side overly biased and draconian moderation policies puts you on.

      • Quick reminder: this is my private blog. I’m under no obligation to, for example, uphold the first amendment of the US constitution, and failing to do so does not silence anyone because there’s the rest of the internet to complain about it on. I am fully and completely within my rights to be… draconian… as you put it.

        While I do like a good debate, I do also hold to the idea that certain things are beyond debate, and that certain things cannot be “rationally” looked at because the toll they take is completely emotional and entirely human (rape, for example).

      • Steersman says:

        I didn’t say you were under any obligation, at least a legal one, maybe a moral one. But you’re still silencing people on your blog. Your right, of course. But then again it is then the right of anyone viewing that to judge you accordingly. And act accordingly – maybe by withholding support in other areas.

        As for “certain things cannot be rationally looked at”, I’ll agree to the extent that that might well be the case. However, your assertion about rape looks more like some very problematic dogma than anything else.

      • I don’t ask people to like me. I have my standards, and if others don’t like those standards, that’s not my problem.

      • Steersman says:

        The consequences could be.

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