I’m Officially Freaking Out. I’m Desperate. (Money)

Remember this post?

I’ve not had any help. And now I have until the 26th of this month or I may be kicked out of my dorm, rendering me essentially homeless.





And now you really can at my GoFundMe account…

About Nathan Hevenstone

I'm an SJW, Socialist, Jewish Agnostic Atheist, Foodie, and Guitarist. Hi! https://allmylinks.com/jimmyrrpage
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9 Responses to I’m Officially Freaking Out. I’m Desperate. (Money)

  1. giliell says:

    Hey Nate
    Go fund me needs a credit card. If you cannot set up paypal, maybe somebody with Paypal and a credit card can act as a middle person?

  2. Steersman says:

    Sorry to hear that you’re pressed to the wall. But have you really explored all the options? Selling some of your guitars? Taking a year or two out to save some money? Short-term loan from friends or relatives? Etc., Etc.

    But whatever, I sort of doubt that crying helped matters much.

    • M. A. Melby says:

      College funding is a shit-storm these days; more difficult than when I was a student.

      • Steersman says:

        I can imagine. But while the circumstances here in Canada were probably somewhat different when I went to college – probably some 30 years ago for what Americans apparently would call an Associate’s Degree [2 years; electronics, control systems], I also went as a “mature student” so had had some employment earnings to help me over the hump. Although I seem to recollect that I still had to borrow a relatively small amount.

        However, I also wonder whether funding issues are somewhat dependent on which type of degree one is going for. Might be a little unreasonable to think that every course of studies is going to lead to gainful employment.

      • Funding for college is rather different in the US and students go into really bad debt rather routinely. It’s pathetic.

  3. Nate – Was the financial aid department at your school able to offer you any assistance or advice?

    As of your earlier post, it wasn’t clear: do you have a Paypal account?

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