Led Zeppelin – Reshuffled

I decided to do a few posts about music… specifically, Led Zeppelin.


Because they are the greatest. Full stop. No arguments allowed. 😛

So anyways, two of these posts (this one and the next one) will be highlighting my own little projects I did with Zeppelin’s music. Sorry, but there won’t be links to downloads, as these involve official music and I cannot distribute that without permission (legally… anyways).

I did want to provide the information for Zepheads who might be interested.

So this first one is called “Led Zeppelin Reshuffled”. What I did was take Physical Graffiti and Coda and reshuffled the songs into the albums they were originally recorded for. I worked very hard to preserve the flow (something Zeppelin was very good at with their albums), and two albums (1 and Presence) remain entirely unchanged. 1 stayed the same because the only song I could have moved in to it was “Baby Come on Home” (a tribute to Bert Berns), and I couldn’t put that anywhere without interrupting the flow, so I chose not to. Presence remains the same because there was nothing extra from it. What you hear on Presence is what they recorded, and that’s it.

So, without further ado, this is “Led Zeppelin Reshuffled”:

LZ I (January 12, 1969):
01. Good Times Bad Times
02. Babe I’m Gonna Leave You
03. You Shook Me
04. Dazed and Confused
05. Your Time is Gonna Come
06. Black Mountain Side
07. Communication Breakdown
08. I Can’t Quit You Baby
09. How Many More Times

LZ II (October 22, 1969):
01. Whole Lotta Love
02. What is and What Should Never Be
03. The Lemon Song
04. Thank You
05. Jennings Farm Blues
06. Heartbreaker
07. Living Loving Maid (She’s Just a Woman)
08. Ramble On
09. Moby Dick/Bonzo’s Montreaux
10. Bring it on Home

LZ III (October 5, 1970):
01. Immigrant Song
02. Friends
03. Celebration Day
04. Bron-Yr-Aur
05. Since I’ve Been Loving You
06. Out on the Tiles
07. Gallows Pole
08. Tangerine
09. That’s the Way
10. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp
11. Poor Tom
12. Hats Off to (Roy) Harper
13. Hey Hey What Can I Do

LZ IV (November 8, 1971):
01. Black Dog
02. Rock and Roll
03. The Battle of Evermore
04. Down by the Seaside
05. Night Flight
06. Stairway to Heaven
07. Misty Mountain Hop
08. Four Sticks
09. Going to California
10. Boogie with Stu
11. When the Levee Breaks

Houses of the Holy (March 28, 1973):
01. The Song Remains the Same
02. The Rain Song
03. Over the Hills and Far Away
04. The Crunge
05. Houses of the Holy
06. Dancing Days
07. The Rover
08. Walter’s Walk
09. D’yer Mak’er
10. Black Country Woman
11. No Quarter
12. The Ocean

Physical Graffiti (February 24, 1975):
01. Custard Pie
02. In My Time of Dying
03. Trampled Under Foot
04. Kashmir
05. Swan Song
06. In the Light
07. Ten Years Gone
08. The Wanton Song
09. Sick Again

Presence (March 31, 1976):
01. Achilles Last Stand
02. For Your Life
03. Royal Orleans
04. Nobody’s Fault but Mine
05. Candy Store Rock
06. Hots on for Nowhere
07. Tea for One

In Through the Out Door (August 15, 1979):
01. In the Evening
02. South Bound Saurez
03. Darlene
04. Fool in the Rain
05. Ozone Baby
06. Hot Dog
07. Carouselambra
08. All My Love
09. Wearing and Tearing
10. I’m Gonna Crawl

Coda (November 19, 1982):

I’m breaking here because Coda becomes different. With the reshuffling, there is no Coda left, just “We’re Gonna Groove” and “I Can’t Quit You Baby”, which are taken from the 1970 Royal Albert Hall and edited to sound like studio tracks (for some strange reason), and “Baby Come On Home”. Three songs may make a single, but they don’t make an album.

I have two different versions. One is what I burned to CD:

01. Jim’s Blues (PJ Proby with Led Zeppelin)
02. We’re Gonna Groove (January 09, 1970 Royal Albert Hall) [studio edits]
03. I Can’t Quit You Baby (January 09, 1970 Royal Albert Hall) [studio edits]
04. Baby Come on Home (October 10, 1968 Olympic Studios)
05. Traveling Riverside Blues (June 24, 1969 BBC John Peel’s Top Gear)
06. White Summer/Black Mountain Side (June 27, 1969 BBC One Night Stand)
07. Alexis Korner Intro (03-19-69 Korner’s Rhythm and Blues)
08. What is and What Should Never Be (03-19-69 Korner’s Rhythm and Blues)
09. More Chat (03-19-69 Korner’s Rhythm and Blues)
10. I Can’t Quit You Baby (03-19-69 Korner’s Rhythm and Blues)
11. More Chat (03-19-69 Korner’s Rhythm and Blues)
12. You Shook Me (03-19-69 Korner’s Rhythm and Blues)
13. Sunshine Woman (03-19-69 Korner’s Rhythm and Blues)
14. Julie Felix Introduction (04-23-70 Julie Felix Show)
15. White Summer – Black Mountain Side (04-23-70 Julie Felix Show)

I have a different tracklisting for what’s on my iPod:

01. She Just Satisfies (Jimmy Page pre-Zeppelin solo)
02. Keep Moving (Jimmy Page pre-Zeppelin solo)
03. Happenings Ten Years Time Ago (The Yardbirds with Jimmy Page)
04. Long Time Coming (Robert Plant pre-Zeppelin)
05. Think About (The Yardbirds with Jimmy Page)
06. I’m Confused (The Yardbirds with Jimmy Page)
07. Baby Come on Home (October 10, 1968 Olympic Studios)
08. Jim’s Blues (PJ Proby with Led Zeppelin)
09. Babe I’m Gonna Leave You (Live)
10. I Can’t Quit You Baby (January 09, 1970 Royal Albert Hall) [studio edits]
11. We’re Gonna Groove (January 09, 1970 Royal Albert Hall) [studio edits]
12. Bring it On Home (September 4, 1970 The Forum, Inglewood, California)
13. Bron-Yr-Aur (September 4, 1970 The Forum, Inglewood, California)
14. Four Sticks (May 3, 1971 K.B. Copenhagen)
15. A Mess of the Blues (August 23, 1971 Convention Center Arena, Ft. Worth, Texas)
16. Gallows Pole (November 16, 1971 St. Matthew’s Baths, Ipswich)
17. Black Country Woman (June 19, 1972 Seattle Center Coliseum, Seattle, Washington)

And I do add and remove tracks occasionally on the iPod Coda… case in point: I’ll be adding the Whole Lotta Love medley from the April 1, 1970 BBC Sessions Live show eventually, as track 12 (these are in year/date order).

If you have all of Led Zeppelin’s albums, you can do this yourself, so have fun if you want. It’s worth it, IMO… and a lot of fun.

I am, BTW, very happy to send you my recordings of “Jennings Farm Blues” and “Swan Song” since these are unreleased, unofficial tracks (for now). Let me know. For the record, “Swan Song” is a mix of two takes, though for the life of me I can’t remember which two. No, it doesn’t sound all that much like “Midnight Moonlight“, the Firm song that “Swan Song” eventually developed in to. “Midnight Moonlight” is… okay… but I like these particular takes of “Swan Song”, and so did it that way, making “Swan Song” a distinct, mellow, neat acoustic instrumental song.

If you want “Jennings Farm Blues” and “Swan Song”, just message me privately.

I will have to stop offering them if asked, but while they are unofficial, they’re safe… until I’m told otherwise by any of the surviving members of Led Zeppelin or their attorneys… or they are officially released…

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