Portrait of a Left-Winger

Sometimes I wonder if people understand what “left-wing” really means. I know that Tea Partiers and Objectivists/Randians certainly don’t get it, because they actually think that the Democrats are left-wing.

Which, by the way, is insulting. As someone who is actually left-wing, I find it insanely insulting to call right-wing corporate-owned authoritarians like the Democrats “left-wing”. They don’t even come close to being left-wing. Yeah, I’ll grant that they are not as right-wing as the Republicans, but they are not left-wing. Not even close.

In US power politics, there is no left-wing.

I mean… okay… you can point out the Green Party, and I’d give you that if the Green Party actually had any shot at having power in the federal government at all. But until that day comes, there simply is no left-wing in US power politics. At all.

But with all that comes a question: just what, exactly, is a “real left-winger”?

Am I a socialist? A communist? An evil, God-hating “libertard”?

This series attempts to answer that question, albeit from the limited perspective of me. I’ll be looking at everything, from the environment to the Free Market to drugs to abortion to science to education to medicine to church/state… and giving my take on it. This will probably be a long series. Not sure exactly how long, but there’s a lot to get through.

I’ll also be talking about what kind of government I want to see, and what kind of people I want to see in power. I’ll also have a whole blog post about the Green Party, and why they fall just short of what I want, in an effort to describe what my idea of the perfect political party would be.

I hope you’ll read through this one, and I definitely want feedback and constructive criticism and respectful debate. As always, no trolls or ad hominems or any of that. That’s the world’s quickest shortcut to a ban. And a reminder: I moderate all first-time comment(er)s, for these very reasons. If you made it past moderation the first time around, you shouldn’t go into moderation again. If you do, let me know, and I’ll try to figure it out.

About Nathan Hevenstone

I'm an SJW, Socialist, Jewish Agnostic Atheist, Foodie, and Guitarist. Hi! https://allmylinks.com/jimmyrrpage
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4 Responses to Portrait of a Left-Winger

  1. Yeah, I’ve been eschewing the label “liberal” for quite some time due to its unfortunate association with so many odious people — i.e. economically conservative, corporatist, pro-war, pro-surveillance state Democrats and pundits — with whom I disagree on nearly ever matter of principle and policy. As Chris Hedges put it in a recent interview, “There is no way to vote against the interests of Goldman Sachs.”

    Looking forward to your thoughts, Nate. Especially on how we might turn the tides.

  2. jennydevildoll says:

    Yeah, sounds interesting. I’ve encountered more people on the left who disparage the term “liberal” not in the same way those on the right do, but because they have come to view it as too middle-of-the-road and co-opted. They’ll simply identify as “on the left”.

  3. xenologer says:

    I look forward to this. My dad has called me one of those liberals that other liberals make look bad. I don’t think it has occurred to him that the reason I make more sense is that I am further left.

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