In Defense of Activist Atheism – Introduction

I don’t need to proclaim, yet again, that I’m an atheist… right?


‘Cause y’all should know that by now… 😀

At least as early as 2006, if not earlier, people have been screaming about “New Atheists” and “angry atheists” and “Activist Atheists” and so on and so forth. Atheists have yelled at other atheists for being “too intemperate” and “too angry”. Some atheists have even taken to the anti-atheist narrative! Theists have screamed about the “unfair” use of ridicule. Some right-wing Christian fascists have even concocted a narrative of “Christian Oppression”, insisting that Christians are being persecuted in the US!

(*snort* Yeah… right)

Most people just want us atheists to shut up. They don’t like what we have to say. They say that we’re insulting, then define the word “insulting” in order to fit such a ridiculous narrative into it (“’there may not be a God’ is insulting! Don’t say it again!”). They hate being ridiculed and laughed at. They demand respect.

But why? Why should religion and Theology and God and such ideas be given any modicum of respect?

In this series, I set out to answer that question as best I can, from my point of view. I really do think activism is warranted and worth it. I do not shy away from ridiculing Theism and religious ideas, because I honestly do find them ridiculous.

So this series will be a defense of Activist Atheism, with a defense of ridicule thrown in. Because I think it’s important.

I’m obviously not the only one to do this. So I’ll give you some links to three written things you desperately need to read and this same subject…

Start with Greta Christina’s brilliant “Atheists and Anger”. Then read her follow up. Then buy and read the book she wrote on this exact same subject.

If you have links to any other great posts or articles or books defending Activist Atheism and ridicule of religious ideas, please list them in the comments.

And stay tuned for the first post in this series, which will be about how atheists are persecuted around the world, and socially alienated in the US. I’ll include data! Links! Evidence! All those things a true critical thinker needs to think critically!

I don’t know how long this series will be… hopefully not too long… but I hope you read the whole thing, and at least appreciate my arguments. I welcome comments, disagreements, constructive criticisms, additions, and even respectful debate. I will not tolerate ad hominems, trolls, disrespect, bigotry, or such.

Part 1, about atheist alienation in the US and atheist persecution around the world, is officially up.

About Nathan Hevenstone

I'm an SJW, Socialist, Jewish Agnostic Atheist, Foodie, and Guitarist. Hi!
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