You know how sometimes, when you bake, the edges can occasionally get burnt and kinda nasty, but everything else of what you baked is still gooey, chewy deliciousness?

That’s kinda how I view this past weekend’s Women in Secularism 2 conference. Ron Lindsay’s opening and R. Elisabeth Cornwell’s closing were those burnt edges, but once you cut them off, the rest of it was absolutely awesome. I quite literally have no other complaints about the weekend.

It is a very weird feeling when you meet, for the first time, people you’ve only ever known as pseudonyms behind an internet. Not only did I get to put faces to comments and blog posts, but voices, and real-life personalities, behind comments and blog posts. And that is so cool. Everyone I got a chance to hang out with was epically cool.

So whom did I get to hang out with? Well, for starters, I met a whole bunch of inspirations, and even got signatures!

I met Ophelia Benson and got her signature. I met Greta Christina and got her signature. I met Jennifer Michael Hecht and got her signature. I met Shelley Segal and got her signature. I also met and hung out with the great Jason Thibeault, Miri M, Ashley Miller, Kate Donovan, Ania Onion Bula, Amanda Marcotte, Rebecca Watson, Surly Amy, Melody Hensely… I met PZ for the second time and actually got to hang out with him, too.

That was some star-struck stuff, there.

I also met Mai Doa and Esteleth and Jadehawk and Mouthy B and Xenologer amongst other brilliant skeptics, atheists, and feminists. I’d like to name everyone who was awesome, but my memory, sadly, doesn’t work that way. I’m notoriously shitty with names and it’s a miracle I remembered this many.

So if I forgot you, I do hope you can forgive me. It’s not on purpose… I just have a shitty memory… 😦


I was also introduced to a brilliant, twisted, cynical, misanthropic, deliciously evil, horribly hilarious version of Apples to Apples called “Cards Against Humanity”. If you ever need proof that feminists do, in fact, have a brilliant sense of humor, you should look for Jason’s and then Miri’s live-tweets of our second game. It was epically fun.

I also learned about the power of the word “impolitic” from Amanda Marcotte, a word that the board of CFI will very likely hear/see/read a lot of over the next few weeks and possibly months.

Despite the bitterly-burnt edges, Women in Secularism was a brilliant success and I’m already planning next year’s trip… because it will happen. It has to.

It was so much fun and so cool. Sadly, my hay fever got the better of me on the second night, and is still kicking my ass even now. I’m ashamed to admit that it was because of the dogs. For the record, I absolutely love dogs. I want a Siberian Husky myself. But, unfortunately, I’m severely allergic to animals in general. Being in the same room with animals can, and this time did, trigger my Hay Fever. It was sad. 😦

But I still enjoyed myself.

Cards Against Humanity is now on my Amazon wishlist (my 26th birthday’s this Wednesday, BTW :D), and Miri and Ania… if I remember them, I’ll be stealing some of your additions… 😀

This was a brilliant event. Those of you who didn’t go missed out. I’m looking forward to WiS3… because, despite being a cynic, I’m convinced there will be a WiS3.

About Nathan Hevenstone

I'm an SJW, Socialist, Jewish Agnostic Atheist, Foodie, and Guitarist. Hi! https://allmylinks.com/jimmyrrpage
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