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Jesus and Mo – Deep2

Jesus and Mo. Heh. Deeply wrong. Yes you are.

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New SI Unit for Measuring Pseudoscientific Bullshit – The Chopra

It was started at Avicenna’s blog A Million Gods. He opened that post with this: Am I the only one who wishes the SI unit for “bullshitting about science” to be measured in Deepak Chopras? And no, he’s not. I … Continue reading

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TRIGGER WARNING! The Real Story Behind Facebook Moderation and Your Petty Reports

Fuck. The Real Story Behind Facebook Moderation and Your Petty Reports.

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Jesus and Mo – Fraud

  Ha! Perfectly hilarious!

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Any Breadmaker Users Out There?

So here’s something else about me: I love to cook… and bake, and grill, and fry, and… you get the idea. I should note that I’m not actually very good at it, and I’m much more comfortable with recipes than … Continue reading

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Why do people pretend that religion isn’t responsible for creationism?

Thank you Jerry Coyne. I agree wholeheartedly. Why Evolution Is True If there’s one characteristic of faitheists and accommodationists when facing the issue of American creationism, it’s their refusal to see the palpable fact that religion is the source of … Continue reading

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WiS2 Begging Update #5: Hotel Booked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There’s 3 days, 2 hours, and 56 minutes left. I’ve gotten $530 from 18 amazing donors. I also booked the hotel. It’s gonna cost $478.61 (that’s including taxes n’ all that). So I’ve got $51.39 to donate to CFI for … Continue reading

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Theoretical Physics, Spacetime, String Theory, Multiple Universe, and All That…

This is a schooling thread… that is, I’d like anyone who gets it to school me in it. I’ve always like the idea of multiple universes. My absolute favorite one is the idea of membranes. Giant branes that billow in … Continue reading

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TRIGGER WARNING! Not that long ago we had Steubenville. Barely a week ago we had the case of a young woman in Novia Scotia who committed suicide. And now this: My hatred of humanity has never been as strong … Continue reading

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Jesus and Mo – Wives

Jesus and Mo

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