WiS2 Begging Update

This is an update on this blog post

So, I recently got called in to work an overnight job as a shomer… it’s a Jewish thing…

Well, I got paid $240 for doing it, meaning my airplane ticket, and the $85 for the dinner, has been paid.

This means I no longer need to beg for money. I’ll actually be able to afford most of it. Now I’m just looking for a roommate, outlined here at CFI’s forum:

Hi! I’m NateHevens. SurlyAmy awarded me a grant to WiS2. I’m looking for a roommate at the hotel.

Preferably someone who’s a really, really big fan of science, talking about science, politics (left-wing), making fun of creationists, and music… so… um… we’ll have shit to talk about… um… heh… *cough*

I’m planning on checking in in the morning on the 17th and checking out on the 19th with an evening flight. Also, I’m thinking I can afford the ticket to the dinner, so… there’s that.


I just need someone who can split the cost of the hotel with me. Let me know.


About Nathan Hevenstone

I hate straight, white, cis-gendered, able-bodied men. I also play guitar and sing, and I'm an atheist and anti-theist. What now?
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4 Responses to WiS2 Begging Update

  1. Thetar says:

    Wold you consider rooming with Justin Vacula? I heard he’s going to be there.

  2. sisujd says:

    Any luck finding a roommate?

    Did you register for the dinner? I’m skipping that. $85 is pretty steep for hotel food, even if the entertainment’s awesome.

    • No roommate, yet…

      I did register for the dinner. $85 is steep, yes, but worth it. And there are some people I really want to meet that I could potentially not have any other chance to meet… 😀

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