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“If you drive it underground so no one can find it, it wouldn’t survive.” – Rhoda Grant, 2012 In many ways, Dana fits the profile. She’s a twentysomething woman with a drug addiction. She was…

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Savita Halappanavar

Lupus in Flight – HEARTBEAT BBC News Europe – Woman dies after abortion request ‘refused’ at Galway hospital Freethought Blogs: Pharyngula – It’s Time to Abort the Catholic Church Butterflies & Wheels – Over 140 Medical Professionals, Ireland Speaks Up, … Continue reading

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A Pro-Choice Argument I Like

I originally thought this was something I came up with on my own… It wasn’t. I do that a lot, though… think up something awesome, go “hey! Look at me! I’m intelligent!”, then find out that I’m subconsciously plagiarizing one … Continue reading

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Religion, Faitheists, and Racism… Three of My Least-Favorite Things

Not sure if you’ve been following the next little dust-up over at Ophelia Benson’s blog, but… She posted a guest post by Bruce Gorton going on about why he hates Faitheists. A faitheist is essentially an atheist who argues for … Continue reading

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