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Food Laws (Inspired by Cheesecake Factory)

For those who don’t know, back in July, I started counting calories using My Net Diary. I’ve been limiting myself to 2,000 calories a day for the last month. Between that and working out five days a week, I’ve managed … Continue reading

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5-Hour Energy’s “Truth” in Advertising

If you don’t know, technically, in the US, you cannot lie in a commercial. According to the Federal Trade Commission Act: Advertising must be truthful and non-deceptive; Advertisers must have evidence to back up their claims; and Advertisements cannot be … Continue reading

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Hold on a sec. I gotta get over my excitement. This is absolutely fucking awesome! My Introduction to Biological Anthropology teacher at Florida Atlantic University, Professor Kate Detwiler, was part of a team that discovered a new species of monkey … Continue reading

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The Question (Trigger Warning)

So, I’m going around the net researching some stuff for a blog post I’ll be putting up either tomorrow or Wednesday. While I’m going around, I get this link for something called “The Question“. So I click on that link, … Continue reading

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“Commemorating” 9/11 (Reblog)

It’s September 11, 2012. I’m reblogging my post on 9/11 from last year. This is extremely important to me. Of course, I won’t make any friends for saying this. In fact, I have no doubt I’ll be vilified, and noted … Continue reading

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I Do Not Understand You MRAs

Are you a Men’s Rights Activist? Good. I have some questions for you because, frankly, I’m confused. I don’t understand what you’re fighting for. You’re a man. Are you aware of what that means in our society? Another question… are … Continue reading

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Apologies, but for me, as a fan of music and as someone who is perhaps clinically obsessed with the music of Led Zeppelin this is pretty close to the greatest news I’ve had in a long time .

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