A world under atheist siege? Um… no.

Anyone ever heard of Gulf Daily News? I haven’t, so I really don’t know much about it. So if the crap I’m about to respond to is standard fair, well… warn me, so I know for the future.


Check this shit out…


There have been claims that Pope John Paul II’s interventions helped in the collapse of Communism in 1989, but the reality is quite the opposite.

Wait… it is? Color me surprised. I mean, I know Communism isn’t gone and all that, but if I recall correctly, the USSR is gone, so…

Not only has Communism not collapsed in Russia, but the country has succeeded in spreading her errors to China, Cuba and throughout the world in the guise of socialism.

Uh oh. Are we gonna read about the New World Order next?

Today, the greater world is under total siege by militant atheism and soft totalitarian governments.

Um… close enough.

I’m still not clear as to what “militant atheism” is. Is it anything like this?

‘Cause if so, it looks pretty good to me (seriously… if scotch is an atheist’s drink, then I’m so happy I’m an atheist… :D). Or… at the very least, it looks relatively benign, at least compared to the other militants in that picture.

God no longer reigns in Western nations’ parliaments, constitutions, courts, schools or in the affairs of their governments.

Someone hasn’t visited the USA in a while. We’re still practically more religious than the Middle East.

And if that actually is true, then good! It’s about damn time. There’s a reason for the separation of church and state… it’s to avoid fascist theocracies…

You’ve heard of those… right?

Since Vatican II, the Catholic Church has been turned upside down in the name of an ecumenical council whose true interpretation continues to be debated more than half a century after it closed.

One point of contention is the council’s teaching on religious liberty.
In his 1864 encyclical Quanta Cura, Pope Pius IX labelled as “erroneous” the opinion that the “liberty of conscience and of worship was the proper right of every man… (and that he is) not to be restrained by either ecclesiastical or civil authority.”

Vatican II’s Dignitatis Humanae rejects this teaching with regard to a person’s relation to the state.

Where the church previously condemned the “right” to religious liberty, it could now approve it.

Where any separation of church and state was previously rejected, it could now determine it lawful.

Dignitatis Humanae does not mention the word “tolerance” as was the mindset of the church prior to Vatican II, but rather speaks of religious liberty in terms of being a “right”.

The distinction was deliberate. Unlike the mere “tolerance” of error, a “right” implies the legitimate and uncensored ability to persist in ones error – even if it is only at the level of the idea.

Okay, now I’m just confused. Is this article for or against the separation of church and state?

According to philosopher Father Martin Rhonheimer, it is ultimately the state and not the Church that decides by its own inner mechanisms what constitutes a human “right” where religious liberty is concerned.

But when Catholic modernists who favour abortion, contraception or homosexuality reach behind the words of the Vatican II texts to carve out their own self-serving meanings, there is a false spirit at play.

Ah, the 3 horsemen of the fundamentalist apocalypse. They are EVIL they are!

Fuck human rights! Abortion, contraception, and homosexuality are evil and must be stamped out!



Typing that hurt.

Is anyone else getting sick of people hiding their bigotry behind their religion? I really don’t think I’m overreacting when I say that I read misogyny and homophobia into all this. Reading between the lines and all…

What is it about religion that makes it so attractive to such huge bigots?

This is rupture, not reform, and this kind of intellectually dishonesty in the guise of orthodoxy is what is holding the Catholic Church back.

It is the reason why the true spirit of Vatican II has yet to emerge – except in extremely minute quarters.

If “the true spirit of Vatican II” is supposed to be “against” abortion, contraception, and homosexuality, then I hope it never emerges… because that bigoted, intolerant “spirit” gave us the Dark Ages, thank you very much.

Keep it the fuck away from decent human beings, will you?

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  1. love the pic. aggressive atheist…. some. militant, nope.

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