This is for the one or two of you following me (hi nofaithpoet!):

I apologize for the lack of updates. It’s not that I’m not blogging or anything… it’s just that I’m very skittish about my writing abilities (I’m not a very self-confident person), I’m a procrastinator, and I have less to say on paper than I do in person. It also doesn’t help that I really don’t have very many readers…

I’m hoping to remedy this, of course. I actually have some thoughts on Edwina Rogers and the SCA, on Mitt Romney, on the Secular Student Alliance, on bullying, on my recent delving into Progressive Rock (Porcupine Tree, Riverside, Camel, Abigail’s Ghost, Pink Floyd, etc)… I’ve even started watching the Braves again and trying to get into Baseball a bit more so I can actually blog on something else that isn’t all about atheism, feminism, and/or politics.

So, hopefully, more blogs will be going up in the near future. We might even get one tonight! Not very interesting… I’m planning on reviewing the recent Steven Wilson/Mikael Åkerfeldt release Storm Corrosion, and then a recently released Led Zeppelin soundboard from their show in Vancouver from March 20, 1975… so don’t expect any political or anti-religious fun stuff out of it…

In the meantime, enjoy the 6 blogs already up, and don’t give up on me just because I’m an infrequent blogger.


And thank you.

About Nathan Hevenstone

I'm an SJW, Socialist, Jewish Agnostic Atheist, Foodie, and Guitarist. Hi! https://allmylinks.com/jimmyrrpage
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1 Response to Apologies

  1. nofaithpoet says:

    The waves come and go. Some times I can’t stop writing and other times I can go months without a response. Quality over quantity.

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